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Hi! We can’t wait to have you join the Lancer community. To get started taking credit classes, first apply (everyone gets in!), then you’ll have a dedicated success coach to help you the rest of the  way!


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Special 招生

International Students

For F1 Visa students who wish to study in the United States at PCC.

International Students


无学分的 programs such as ESL, Adult Basic Education, High School Diploma, GED prep.

无学分的, Start Here

Current High School Students

PCC offers two ways to enroll in PCC classes while you're still attending high school.



You need to complete an Application to PCC if:

  1. You have never been a student at PCC
  2. You haven't attended PCC for a year or more (i.e. you missed both Fall and Spring 学期).
  3. You are attending or have attended PCC as a concurrent enrollment (High School or 学习的学生).
  4. You submitted an application for a future semester, but now wish to attend PCC for the current semester.
  5. You applied for a previous term but did not enroll in classes.

You may be eligible for admission to PCC if you are:

  • A high school graduate
  • Not a high school graduate, but over 18 years old. 
  • A 12th-grade-or-below student who meets Concurrent or Dual Enrollment eligibility

Read More 太阳城集团官方网址导航 招生 Eligibility

Yes, you can attend PCC even if you are not a US Citizen or permanent resident. 后 you have submitted your application to PCC,浏览 Office of 招生 and 记录 to complete a California Nonresident 学费 Exemption form and be exempt from paying nonresident tuition fees.

PCC has an Open Enrollment policy, which means we have an nonselective, noncompetitive, and inclusive admissions process. As long as you meet the college's 招生 Eligibility Criteria, you will be allowed to enroll in classes at PCC! 


Read the Open Enrollment Policy 

If you're a student with a disability, first complete the application to PCC. 后 you've submitted the application, visit the Disabled Students 项目 & 服务 in D-209 for additional support in the enrollment process. 

To apply for V.A. benefits, first complete your PCC application. Once your application is submitted, take your Report of Separation from Active Duty to the veteran's clerk in W-108. 

Read more about applying for benefits 

Additionally, you can visit our Veterans Resource Center for help with enrollment, academic programs and support, and counseling and advising services. 

Veterans Resource Center 

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